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Terms and Conditions for using our sites

This legal information replaces previous terms and conditions with younger date than below.

Guarantees, commitments, information veracity
This website (the expression 'this site' applies hereinafter interchangeably for any of our homepages) gives NO GUARANTEE and has no obligations to the user, other than those which are specifically determined by the Danish law. You should take as a starting point, that all information on the website may be untrue, and you MUST NOT FOLLOW ANY INSTRUCTIONS that you find on the website. This is particularly important in relation to issues involving economic and health questions where you in all cases must seek legal and medical assistance before you make decisions, and in no way act on information you find on this site.

Protection of personal information
This site CANNOT guarantee anonymity, and you should not expect that your personal information is protected, nor will it be kept secret. By providing personal information to this site, you agree that there may be incidents where data, that are usually hidden, could be revealed to the public, and BY USING THIS SITE YOU DISCLAIM ANY COMPENSATION FROM the company operating this site - that is compensation for incidental and not intended and erroneous publications of your private information.

Notwithstanding that this site sincerely wants to protect your privacy, we CANNOT GUARANTEE ANY PROTECTION OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. Since we cannot guarantee your anonymity, we encourage you to never share / upload / disclose private information on this website if you want the information to be kept hidden and secret.

Collection of information on user behavior
This site cooperates with companies that want to give you information about commercial opportunities. In order to give you the best service, this site cooperates with companies that track and record your behavior on the Internet. This means that if you are interested in 'horses', you will more often see horse-related ads on this site. If you are interested in 'cars' you will often see car-related ads. Our partners say that these recordings on your behavior will be stored in a safe manner.

Please note that the Danish authorities and foreign powers, generally keeps track of everything you visit, write, download, upload, witness on the Internet. WE ARE MONITORED probably all around the clock and everything we do on the Internet is stored in registers along with our identity. DO NOT SHARE PRIVATE OR SECRET INFORMATION on the website.

Your obligations in relation to legislation
By using this site you agree to abide the laws of your country regarding communication on the Internet. These laws relate inter alia to what and how you sell products and services including Marketing Practices, etc. - And how to refer to other people or groups of people, including the Penal Code. By using this site you agree to be compliant with the laws in your country regarding the use of this website.

Complaints about this site
We receive and process your request seriously, if you have a complaint about this site. We will confirm the receipt of your complaint and give you answers as soon as possible. Whatever method you use in order to put forward your complaint, and regardless of how we deal with your complaint, you will receive a response from us via email. PLEASE ALWAYS INCLUDE your email address in correspondence to the company behind this site.

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Christophani Aps
For more information, see the Danish National Business Register

Terms and Conditions of our sites, 2015 August 10th.
Ambjorn Christophani

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